I am an autonomous photographer. I prefer to work with an analogue camera which requires time, just as it requires time to capture when the unexpected appears.

These moments I often find in the proximity of my everyday surroundings. Through capturing my photos in black and white, I try to abstract what we see in everyday passing into something that is more than what you thought at first glance. The seeing becomes magical.

For further information, enquiries and sales, please send an email to info@carolinekist.nl
I will get in touch as soon as possible.

Exhibitions & Nominations
  • • December 2023 - Graduation Show -
      Fotoacademie Amsterdam > see here

  • • March 2024 - Nomination SO'24 Student Award - 

  • • March 2024 - On display in window - 
    Athenaeum Bookstore Amsterdam > see here

we do not see things as they are
we see things as we are – Anaïs Nin